The Challenge to a Healthy Life

“Food is tasty, time is short and exercise is hard” mentality exists in more students and adults all over the world. In our schools also. So, we designed this project, The Challenge to a Healthy Life, to help children and adults from all six partner schools to adopt new, healthy habits regarding physical activity and nutrition.

For that, we created an online platform ( with which participants can monitor their daily eating and physical activity habits.

Then we planned a few conferences about nutrition, physical activity, and fake news, giving the participants the opportunity to learn more about these topics.

The next step we have thought of is to experience healthy eating, and fun and challenging physical activities through meaningful activities.

At the end of the project we will be able to show:

  • how can we all contribute to the well-being of the local community by creating safe routes in the surroundings of the city,
  • how can schools embed into their culture physical activity and healthy eating (Handbook for schools),
  • how individuals can improve their abilities related to physical activity (handbook for students: How to …),
  • how individuals can improve their eating habits (Recipe blogs and Vlogs),
  • and many more.

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